Extra virgin olive oil prepared with the Arbequina variety of olives. It is prepared cold within twelve hours of harvesting the olives.


The olives for this oil are harvested already ripened (40% black) and in this way, we obtain an oil with a smooth aroma of sweet ripe fruit, with emphasis on banana and kiwi.


The other included varieties (always less than 5% of Empeltre, Arroniz, Picual) strengthen the aroma and provide both body and stability.


This results in an oil with a ripe fruit aroma, nuances of green grass, fluid and sweet to taste with a very slight “bite” at the end.


Package: 5 l can

Can / box: 3 units. 

Box dimensions: 34x18x34 cm 

Weight approx. by box: 20 Kg. 

Box / palet: 48 (4 heights). 

Weight approx. palet: 750 kg.

Package: 2 l P.E.T.

Can / box: 6 units. 

Box dimensions: 34,5x23x30 cm. 

Weight approx. by box: 12 Kg. 

Box / palet: 40 (4 heights). 

Weight approx. palet: 500 kg