La Maja


La Maja”, is an exquisite blend of oil in a limited annual edition.


It is the result of a meticulous selection of olive varieties, with great care taken in the quality of the olives and the entire “cold” production  process being pampered to maintain all the virtues of the olive intact, together with their aromatic and taste qualities.


All this dedication enables us to obtain the perfect, exclusive extra virgin olive oil called “La Maja


It has a yellowish green colour, with a clean, intense aroma, which is surprisingly lively, reminding one of fresh green fruit. 


Tones of tomato plant, grass, artichoke and apple can be appreciated and, to a lesser extent, a slight kiwi aroma.


Its aromas are re-affirmed in the mouth, with medium bitterness and a slight late "bite".


Available on glass bottle of 50 cl. an individual casing.


Package : Glass bottle, 50 c. In an individual casing.


Can / box: 6 units.

Box dimensions: 26x18x34 cm.

Weight approx. by box: 7 Kg.

Box / palet: 72 (4 heights).

Weight approx. palet: 500 kg