Alfar La Maja

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced exclusively from the Arbequina variety of olives.



To produce this oil, we harvest the olives when these begin to ripen, something that usually occurs at the end of October or beginning of November. It is prepared cold within twelve hours of harvesting, which produces very low fat yields, but highly intense aromas.




This method results in an oil with a yellowish green colour, dense and with body. It has a clean smell that is surprisingly lively, reminding one of fresh green fruit. Tones of tomato and tomato plant can be appreciated and, to a lesser extent, banana and wild fruit.



It tastes of bitter almonds, slightly spicy, ending sweet and fluid.


Package: 5 litre can

Can / box: 3 units.

Box dimensions: 34x18x34 cm.

Weight approx. by box: 15,5 Kg.

Box / palet: 48 (4 heights).

Weight approx. palet: 755 kg.

Package: 1 litre can

Can / box: 6 units.

Box dimensions: 30x15x20 cm.

Weight approx. by box: 7 Kg.

Box / palet: 120 (6 heights).

Weight approx. palet: 555 kg.


Package: 2 litre P.E.T.

Can / box: 6 units.

Box dimensions: 35x23x30 cm.

Weight approx. by box: 12 Kg.

Box / palet: 40 (4 heights).

Weight approx. palet: 500 kg





Dark glass bottle 75, 50 and 25 cl.


75 cl.

50 cl.

25 cl.


Bottles / box:


Box dimensions:


Weight approx. by box:


Box / palet:


Weight approx. palet:


6 units

22x16x33 cm

7,5 Kg.

100 (4 heights).

750 kg

12 units

20x26x30 cm

10,50 Kg.

72 (4 heights).

750 kg

12 units

17x22x26 cm

6,5 Kg.

120 (5 heights).

780 kg


Casing 3 bot.

alfar 75 cl.


support of wood

vinegar bottle 25 cl.

Package: Spray  200ml (without gas) 
Sprays per box: 12 units
Box dimensions: 22x16x22 cm 
Box weight: 3,2 Kg.