La Maja Limited Edition

La Maja Edicion Limitada "EL" (Limited Edition) is the selection of our two best monovarietal oils, unique, annual and "limited" production. "EL" is the result of years of work, testing with different varieties, both in crop as in the extraction process, to achieve its essence, a genuine EVOO with own personality.

For years, we have devoted much of each production campaign to produce AOVE with differents olive variety, to provide a genuine monovarietal oil in "Limited Editions"

We have tested different ripeness phases, combining it with different moisture content and modifying many parameters (type of grinding, churning time and temperature, etc.) to achieve the best quality of each variety.

This large study has been concluded with the personalization and optimization of the cultivation and extraction process of each of the varieties we work in. However, natural factors such as the weather and the ripening of the olives, makes not always be possible to get a exceptional AOVE of each variety. But when we get it, the result is so spectacular that it is worth the effort.

With some olive varieties is extremely complicated to get a genuine, spectacular and differential monovarietal oil.


Arróniz variety (yellow label version): Green Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dense and full-bodied. Clean and fresh aroma of green vegetables, artichoke, apple, banana skin, grass, and notes of tomato plant and bitter almond. Highlight in mouth: artichoke and the tomato plant; fluid; High-middle bitter and high-middle spicy. 

Koroneiki variety (pink label version): yellowish green Olive Oil, dense and full-bodied. Clean aroma to a very intense green; Banana peel, green banana; freshly cut grass and green apple, and to a lesser extent with reminiscent of artichoke. The palate has a pleasant bitterness that blends perfectly with the taste of banana and apple, leaving a soft belated itching.

Tosca variety (blue label version): Oil yellowish green, dense and full-bodied color. Clean and different aroma. Candies and jellies; berries and raspberries, banana and kiwi lesser extent. Very nice initial sweetness which uncovering the raspberry with a mixture of strawberry and banana. Slightly bitter and mild itching belated.

Arbosana variety (red-white label version): Oil green, dense and full-bodied. Clean and vibrant, which amazes by its fresh smell of green herbs and apple. Can appreciate touches of tomato, tomato-plant and green bananas.