Olive groves


The olives groves are laid out in an intensive fashion (de 4 x 1.5 metres), thus encouraging olive cultivation and maturation and, above all, harvesting mechanisation and speed. 


Olive crops


Our harvesting method is fully mechanised and the olives go directly from the tree to the oil mill without ever touching the ground, without any knocks or alterations and with the right level of ripeness in accordance with the oil to be obtained. 


We select the groves by ripeness and variety and the fruit is harvested directly from the tree. 


From this moment until the fruit is pressed, it can spoil, which is why it is so important the extract the oil as soon as possible if quality oil is to be produced. 


No more than twelve hours go by at La Maja between harvesting the olives and pressing them. 


Olive trees 


The main cultivated variety is ARBEQUINA and, to a lesser degree, others, such Arbosana, Koroneiki, Empeltre and Picual. Harvesting commences at the end of October when the olives are beginning to ripen. 


We obtain two types of oil:


- from green olives, 100% Arbequina


- from ripe olives 75% Arbequina 


unopened flower – flower – flower details – green Arbequina – ripe Arbequina