We are located in the Municipality of Mendavia in Navarra, at one kilometre from the actual municipality on Logroño – Mendavia highway. The privileged location of Mendavia, which is located on a fertile plain on the banks of the River Ebro, where theOdron and Linares Rivers meet, favours olive cultivation, together with grape vines, asparagus, peppers and other horticultural products. 




Because of all this, Mendavia is one of the municipalities with the largest number of denominations of quality throughout Spain.




Designated Denomination of Origin for Rioja Wine 

Denomination of Origin for Cava 

Denomination of Origin for Lodosa Red Peppers 

Specific Denomination for Navarra asparagus 

Specific Denomination for Navarra Pacharán (sloe brandy) 

Protected Geographical Indication for Tudela Artichokes 

Protected Geographical Indication for Navarra Lamb 

Protected Geographical Indication for Navarra Veal 

Handcrafted food from Navarra 

Ecological Production from Navarra 



 Now, there is also: Protected Designation of Origin for Olive Oil