As is well known, there is a large number of studies that show, in general, that olive oil is very beneficial to health. However, something that is not always specified is that most of the components that provide these benefits are only found in virgin olive oil because they are eliminated during the refining process.


In addition, these are also the components that endow the oil with its flavour and aroma, meaning that non-virgin oils have practically no aroma or flavour.


What we are trying to say is that if you want your food to provide benefits to health and also to be tasty, the only oil that includes these qualities is “EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL”.


Virgin or extra virgin olive oil is the juice of natural fruit that conserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and all the other properties of the olive and is practically the only oil that can be directly consumed virgin and raw.


Because of the amount of oleic acid that it contains, it is considered the ideal fat. Oleic acid increases "good" cholesterol (HDL), which plays a significant protector role, because it transports "bad" cholesterol in the blood system to the liver for elimination, thus reducing the risks of arterial thrombosis and heart attack.